D I A N E  K E N D R A
                 S C A L L E A T

". . . .to cut hair so that it falls freely with gravity, and conforms to head shape

                     . . . . is a beautiful thing. . ."

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T H E  A R T  O F  C O L O R

Every once in a while you find a gem. . . .having been in the salon industry for over 40 years, owning several salons,  and
in the process having trained and employed numerous stylists over all those years, it has happened to me just a few times
before. . . . . . . . simply put, you come across that special one. . . . . . . DIANE KENDRA SCALLEAT  falls very specifically
into that category.
There are very many talented people in our industry, but talent alone does not necessarily mesh with the term 'gem' .  Indeed,
it's a matter of not only having an unquenchable  ability to learn,  develop vision, and then apply that vision to your craft.
Diane is a 20 year plus veteran of the salon industry, having worked in several of the top salons in the Eastern Pennsylvania
area, and along the way developing her skill levels and reputation as not only a superb stylist, but as a master colorist
as well, with a specialty in color design, corrective coloring, and all forms of dimentional coloring, highlighting, and balyage.
She is also an advanced level certified specialist in one of the hottest haircutting methodologies in our business. . . the
renowned Head Shape Matters developed by prominent nationally known stylist Kim Weaver Moore.
When I opened The Cut On Main back in February of 2020, I promised myself that unless I found someone who totally 
paralleled my thought processes as to how a salon should look, function, and 'be', in addition to how our clients 
should be treated, that I would go it alone. . . . . . .after meeting Diane and subsequently having numerous intense
conversations about a shared philosophy in so many different areas of our business, it was in due course, very obvious
to me that I simply had to have this talented young lady as my primary staff member and colleague.
Feel free to call the salon for a consultation with Diane for all of your styling and color needs....
. . . . .your hair will thank you for it.